The Catholic University of America


Dear First-Year Student,


Welcome to Catholic University! We are so excited to have you join our community here at CUA. Making the transition into college life is an exciting and challenging time. Your first six weeks here will help you determine how you approach the rest of your college career. Many students were in your shoes just a short time ago and understand the difficulty in finding your way through college. To assist you in making the most of your first weeks of college, Catholic University offers the Orientation Extended (Ox) program. The goal is to help you make the adjustment to CUA smoothly and become part of our community.  

Orientation Extended has so much to offer! Through Ox, you will be introduced to a variety of resources that the University offers. You will discover people and places you didn’t know existed. Ox provides workshops, service opportunities, and social activities to help you gain the knowledge and tools that will help you become a successful individual not only in college but also in your future. Administrators, faculty, staff members, and students all participate in Orientation Extended in order to give you the opportunity to acquire as many resources as possible. And, of course, you’ll have some fun! You can meet lifelong friends at the Freshman Retreat or learn ways to get involved at the Fall Fiesta. Ox is a wonderful opportunity to really discover CUA and become part of your University. We encourage you to take part in this exciting challenge. 

So... are you up for the challenge? We dare you to take on the Ox challenge. Not only will this help you learn more about the University, but meet new people, explore new opportunities, and have fun!

It's time to take the challenge!

Rebeckah Hansen and Seth Tavera

Orientation 2014 Student Coordinators


We can't possibly cover all the things you need to know to be successful at CUA during Orientation.That is why we have Orientation Extended (Ox). Orientation Extended offers you a variety of programs to help you with this transition.