The Catholic University of America

The Challenge

Throughout Orientation Extended you will be expected to attend at least 12 Orientation Extended events, two on each “Metro line,” within your first six weeks at CUA. Each Metro line, denoted by a colored line, represents a category.

  Red = Faith and Service

   Yellow = Intellectual Development

   Green = Community and Responsibility

   Orange = Social Connections

   Blue = Wellness

  Silver = Intercultural Understanding

How It Works

Use the CardinalTrip guide, which you will receive in your welcome bag on the first day of Orientation, for information about when events are happening and what category each event counts toward. Each category is identified by a colored line next to the event name. As an extra reminder, you’ll find this information on countless flyers, banners, and posters advertising the next Ox event, or you can find a calendar of Ox events online at

When you attend an event, sign in at the table that displays the  symbol. Once you sign in, your attendance will be noted and uploaded to your online farecard on The Nest.

Your academic advisors, professors, student staff, and University administrators will be checking in with you throughout the first six weeks to help you complete your farecard.

Make sure to check your farecard online often and attend events regularly. Remember, attend at least two events in each category by the end of the first six weeks, Oct. 4, 2014.

What's My Incentive?

•You’re going to meet new friends, professors, and administrators and make the important transition from high school to college academics.

• You’ll have fun and learn about the many resources CUA has to offer.

• You’ll be eligible to win one of the many prizes. Click on "Prizes" above to check them out. Your completion of Orientation Extended will be recorded on your Cardinal cocurricular transcript — part of your permanent record at CUA.

• You’ll get good food! On Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014, a barbecue will be held to conclude Orientation Extended. At the barbecue, students who completed the CardinalTrip farecard will have their names put into another drawing to win gift certificates and other prizes. Winners of the prize packages will be announced at the barbecue.


Curious as to what you can win by completing the Orientation Extended challenge? The updated list of prize packages for 2014 will be posted soon. Check out last years prizes on the Ox home page!